If you are planning to get hitched, then congratulations! It is a major life decision and the greatest event in your life that needs proper planning. So, you cannot give up on the event planners to arrange for the entertainment in the event.

Look for something different:

 Booking a DJ or a band is the most common form of entertainment at a wedding party. While those are essential for the newly-weds and guests for dancing, you can plan for a separate form of entertainment for the children. One of the best options for children’s entertainment at a wedding is to hire a party magician in Berkshire.


Reasons to hire a party magician for a wedding:

 Hiring a magician for a wedding can be effective for children’s entertainment in various ways. We discuss some in the following part of this blog.


  • It is pleasing to all age groups: While conventional forms of wedding entertainment like music and dance attract grown-ups, magic can entertain all. All you need is to book a good wedding magician. They are experts in understanding the audience’s choice and can put up a show that attracts all. It also helps to establish a connection between the guests.


  • It is a new form of wedding entertainment: If you want your wedding event to remain memorable, a magic show is the way to go. It acts as an element of surprise to most guests. The performance also helps to make your wedding an outstanding and memorable event. Your guests will probably talk about this entertainment mode for a few weeks after the wedding.


  • Magic show is an effective ice breaker: A wedding reception generally has a slow pickup, and there are few chances that the guests will start communicating with each other at the start. If you are looking for an entertainment mode that acts as an icebreaker, opt for a magic show. It is an effective way to accelerate the camaraderie between the guests, lasting the whole evening.


These are a few reasons why you should book a professional party magician for your wedding. If you are looking for a reputable children’s entertainer in Berkshire, collaborate with Mr Muddle’s Magical Mayhem. Mr Muddle is a well-known party magician who plays at different events and parties, including weddings. To book him for your event, you can visit the website today.