Entertaining children isn’t an easy task at all. It comes with a big responsibility. You need to have a certain set of skills to be able to please children at a party or any other event. A children’s entertainer in Hampshire must possess multitasking skills and be able to appeal to both parents and children. It is vital to present yourself professionally. Here are some important things you must look into an entertainer before one for your event.

Must-have traits in a children’s entertainer

Positive energy

Would you love to see an entertainer in a poor mood? No, Right? As an entertainer, having a positive attitude and high spirits is something people ask for. This is essential to deal gently with a disruptive child at a party. It will help to keep the party spirit going. After all, you will not be able to impress the guests with negative energy.


This is something we must have, irrespective of occupation. An entertainer or artist can perform their best when they are confident in what they are doing. It also helps in dealing with a problematic situation calmly and effectively. Presenting yourself confidently and accurately stands you out from the others. You will give off the aura of doubt if you aren’t confident with your skills.

Calm yet excited

This may sound contradictory, but an entertainer must be composed in a stressful situation. It helps to handle a situation smoothly with a smile and keeps the engagement up to hold the children’s attention.


Sometimes all we need is a slight weirdness that is helpful to succeed and perform well. It leaves a good impression on people. The distinctness in your attitude can eventually,  which you can perform comfortably in front of your audience. So, hire the true quirky if you want to host a successful event.


An entertainer must be energetic not to let guests fall asleep. It is an extremely important trait you should look for in an entertainer. It helps to keep the children and other guests on their feet and dancing around. You don’t want them to be bored with your low energy levels.

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