The holidays are just around the corner, and it is the time to indulge yourself in the Yuletide spirit. Apart from the sumptuous Christmas treats and Carols, Christmas is also known for its parties. It is the perfect time to catch up with your near and dear ones and provide your little ones an opportunity to enjoy.

Book a magician for your Holiday party:


If you plan a children’s party during the holidays, you must sort out the primary channels of entertainment. From the Christmas trees to Santa Claus, provide them everything that keeps them happy during the Jolly season. To make things more interesting, you can hire a magician for party entertainment!


Different kinds of magic show in a Christmas party:


When you hire a magician, you actually collaborate with the best party entertainers in Oxfordshire. They can set the party’s tone and delight the children with multiple tricks, more of which are discussed here.


  • Mix-and-mingle party magician: It is a situation where the magician performs for small groups at a time. This session ensures that the children mingle with each other and create a camaraderie. The mix-and-mingle magic session would best suit rooms with no set meal. All the magician needs is a small group of children to show their tricks.


  • Stage performer: It is the most common performance that a magician offers at a Christmas party. If you plan for such a session, you must hire a hall with a proper stage where the children can gather and enjoy the session. It guarantees original magical entertainment, which generally lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes. The magician can make the session more interesting by volunteering a few members from the crowd.


  • Separate room for magic shows: If you find it hard to gather all the children and make them sit before a stage, you can arrange for a separate room. It gives the magician some time to prepare for their tricks, and they need not move around to perform the show. It guarantees a smooth magic show with minimal interruptions.


Choose any one from the available options of magic sessions and let your little ones enjoy the merriment of the Holiday season. If you are wondering where to find a reputable children’s entertainer in Oxfordshire, collaborate with Mr Muddle’s Magical Mayhem. Mr Muddle is a trained children’s magician and entertainer who performs in various parties. He can instantly mingle with children and delight them with unique magic tricks. To learn more about him, you can visit the website.