Whether you arrange an event in your home or in a venue, you must consider certain important factors. From the type of venue to decorations, there are multiple areas of concern that you need to look at. These increase when you plan a party for the smaller members of your family.

Consider children’s entertainment at a party:


When you plan to celebrate the birthday or any other occasion of your little one, do not ignore the element of entertainment. It is their favourite pastime and will keep them engaged for a longer time. Hiring a children’s entertainer or a magician is the most practical decision.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring a children’s entertainer:


While looking for a children’s party entertainer or a magician near you, it is natural to consider the factor of budget. We highlight some points highlighting the factors that cause variation in the cost of hiring an entertainer.


  • Experience and skill level: When looking for a magician, you will come across a number of options. However, among them, you would want to hire one who is professional and well-experienced. The experience level of a magician or an entertainer varies directly with their hiring cost. The entertainers generally charge on an hourly basis, which is ideal if you have a tight budget for arranging party entertainment.


  • Location: Along with the experience level, the cost of hiring an entertainer may vary on the location. You will obviously find it cheaper to hire party entertainers from small towns or suburbs. However, if you want one that performs in bigger cities, you should be prepared to pay a bit extra.


  • Performance length: The fees of a magician often correlate with the duration of their performance. Most of them have an hourly rate, for which clients generally opt for a two-hour or one-hour-long performance. The cost may again vary depending on the type of performance. Stage shows have a fixed rate, while interactive magic sessions, like magic booths or group sessions, may cost you extra. Communicate with the entertainer before finalising the booking.


Children’s parties without entertainment seem lifeless and boring. Therefore, it is vital to book a professional entertainer who can offer a charged-up environment. If you want to collaborate with a well-known children’s entertainer in Hampshire, simply contact Mr Muddle’s Magical Mayhem. Mr Muddle is a seasoned magician and children’s entertainer who can light up any social occasion. For more information, you can visit his website today.