If you think that a children’s entertainer just needs a mischievous smile and a sleight of hand, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The art of entertaining is more complicated than you think, and the task gets more challenging when one is performing for children. Completing a close-up show and leaving the audience amazed isn’t as easy as it looks.

Though a tactful flick of the wrist is essential for an entertainer to pull a show successfully, there is more than what meets the eye. It is why it is advisable to hire children entertainers who possess all the vital qualities to ensure that a show/event will be a huge success. With a capable entertainer performing for children, you can stay assured of making a wise investment.

Looking for children entertainer in Oxfordshire? Few qualities they should have


Nowadays, everyone is acquainted with the traditional entertainment tricks and performing those at an event won’t leave the children amazed. A reputed entertainer will try to induce a touch of creativity in his tricks while performing a close-up show. Not everyone is aware of the fact that children tend to remember an entertainer more who can mesmerise them with creative acts. He has to cleverly act as the children will personally witness what the entertainer is performing.

  • Concentration

Children’ entertainer in Wiltshire needs to practice the same trick repeatedly so they can pull it off successfully. This requires adequate concentration as they don’t just have to concrete on their tricks but also watch each person closely to ensure that the children are engaged with the trick. Almost every entertainment show is filled with noises from an amused and excited audience, and concentrating on his tricks despite all these noises is indeed a daunting task for children entertainers.

  • Communication

Communicating with the audience is an important quality every children entertainer should possess, even if he is not performing a close-up show. It ensures that he is capable of keeping everyone engaged while being professional. Some children shows are smaller in size and they have to communicate with each of the children present to ensure a successful event. Look for someone equally involved with his audience as he is with his tricks. He should make an effort to keep children engaged.

These been said, it’s time you get in touch with the children entertainers at Mr Muddles Magical Mayhem as they possess all the qualities stated above.